Syntenic Vertebrate Wnt Genes

There are several cases of closely linked and syntenic Wnt genes in the human and mouse genomes, listed here. Some of the Drosophila orthologs, wingless, DWnt10 and DWnt6, are also linked. See (Nusse, 2001; PDF) for a discussion of the evolutionary implications.

Note that in Drosophila, wingless, DWnt10 and DWnt6 are immediately adjacent, while DWnt4 (the ortholog of Wnt9; Qian et al (2003) ) is very close to that cluster.

human (chrom)
mouse (chrom)
12q13 Wnt1 15 56.8 wingless
12q13 Wnt10B 15 56.8 DWnt10
2q35 Wnt10A 1
2q35 Wnt6 1 DWnt6
17q21 Wnt3 11 63 no orthol.
17q21 Wnt9B 11 63 DWnt4
1q42 Wnt9A 11 32
1q42 Wnt3A 11 32 no orthol.
7q31 Wnt2 6 no orthol.
7q31 Wnt16 6 no orthol.
1p13 Wnt2B 3 no orthol.
1p36 Wnt4 4 no orthol.
3p21.2 Wnt5A 14 DWnt5
12p13 Wnt5B 6
3p25 Wnt7A 6 DWnt2
22q13 Wnt7B 15
5 Wnt8A 18 no orthol.
10q24 Wnt8B 19 no orthol.
11q13 Wnt11 7 no orthol.
no ortholog